invest in anjaya resorts

Anjaya Resort Villas is an upscale ocean front residential development comprised of 15 ocean lots with detached villas and 79 condo villas located on Tablas Island, Romblon province. The site is 40 minutes by air from Manila and 40 minutes by speedboat from Boracay Island, a major international tourist destination. The overall land area is 6.5 hectares, with 340 linear meters of oceanfront, and it is being developed in Two Phases.

Why Invest in Anjaya Resort ?

Top 5 Reason why you should invest in Philippine property

Booming economy

The Philippine economy grew 6.4% on year in the second quarter, making it one of Asia’s fastest-growing countries and deepening expectations for further rate increases, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Lending ease

Other Philippine financial institutions too are offering property loans at very competitive rates. If you are a bit short of funds, banks are there to help you.

Value appreciating

The real estate value in the Philippine is steadily appreciating every year. Thus, Filipinos especially those working oversea, will get high returns as much as 12 percent annually.

Good returns

Whether you keep it for you sell it or give it on rent, you are going to benefit from your investment in the reality sector. No insurance plan will give you as much return as an investment small property will.

Growing demand

Besides other sectors, the stable and strong growth of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) industries in the Philippines has increased both the income of the locals and also the number of expats. This is adding to the demand for both residential and commercial properties.

“Don’t strain your mind on whether to put money in property or not. Think where to invest in the Philippines.
Thoughts are not useful unless you act on them. Believe in reality. Prosperity will follow.”

Projected Earnings and Appreciation of an Anjaya Villa

Gross Rental Yield (2014)

10 Year Residential Price Changes (2006-2015)


Projected rental income Php 900,000/year

Based on:

  • 188 spm,2 bdrm villa
  • 50% occupancy rate
  • Php 7,000 average daily rate